An innovative particle physics optimization algorithm for efficient test case minimization in software testing

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology, Jaypee In-stitute of Information Technology Noida, India.


Software testing is a crucial step in the development of software that guar-antees the dependability and quality of software products. A crucial step in software testing is test case minimization, which seeks to minimize the number of test cases while ensuring maximum coverage of the system being tested. It is observed that the existing algorithms for test case minimization still suffer in efficiency and precision. This paper proposes a new optimiza-tion algorithm for efficient test case minimization in software testing. The proposed algorithm is designed on the base parameters of the metaheuristic algorithms, inspired by scientific principles. We evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm on a benchmark suite of test cases from the literature. Our experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is highly effective in reducing the number of test cases while maintaining high coverage of the system under test. The algorithm outperforms the existing optimization algorithms in terms of efficiency and accuracy. We also con-duct a sensitivity analysis to investigate the effect of different parameters on the performance of the proposed algorithm. The sensitivity analysis results show that the performance of the algorithm is robust to changes in the parameter values. The proposed algorithm can help software testers reduce the time and effort required for testing while ensuring maximum coverage of the system under test.


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