A robust method for optimal control problems governed by system of Fredholm integral equations in mechanics

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Educational Mathematics, Farhangian university, Tehran, Iran.


This essay considers an optimal control problem (OCP) governed by a system of Fredholm integral equations (FIE). In this paper, collocation approach with utilizing Lagrange polynomials is introduced to transform the OCP into a nonlinear programming problem (NLP). An efficient op-timization method in Mathematica software is utilized to solve NLP. The convergence analysis is discussed, which show the theoretical structure behind the propounded technique under some assumptions. In this es-say, computational outcomes are given to demonstrate the adaptability, forthrightness, and relationship of the calculations manufactured. A prac-tical real-world problem involving hanging chain in classical mechanic is also dissolved utilizing the approach proposed.


Main Subjects

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