Zahra Barikbin


Many phenomena in various fields of physics are simulated by parabolic partial differential equations with the nonlocal initial conditions, while there are few numerical methods for solving these problems. In this paper, the Ritz–Galerkin method with a new approach is proposed to give the exact and approximate product solution of a parabolic equation with the nonstandard initial conditions. For this purpose, at first, we introduce a function called satisfier function, which satisfies all the initial and boundary conditions. The uniqueness of the satisfier function and its relation to the exact solution are discussed. Then the Ritz–Galerkin method with satisfier function is used to simplify the parabolic partial differential equations to the solution of algebraic equations. Error analysis is worked by using the property of interpolation. The comparisons of the obtained results with the results of other methods show more accuracy in the presented technique.

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Nonlocal time weighting initial condition;, Ritz–Galerkin method;, Satisfier function;, Bernstein polynomials;, Numerical solution;, Error analysis.

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