M. Emamjomeh S. Abbasbandy D. Rostamy


We propose a new approach for solving nonlinear Klein–Gordon and sine-Gordon equations based on radial basis function-pseudospectral
method (RBF-PS). The proposed numerical method is based on quasiinterpolation of radial basis function differentiation matrices for the
discretization of spatial derivatives combined with Runge–Kutta time stepping method in order to deal with the temporal part of the problem.
The method does not require any linearization technique; in addition, a new technique is introduced to force approximations to satisfy exactly
the boundary conditions. The introduced scheme is tested for a number of one- and two-dimensional nonlinear problems. Numerical results and
comparisons with reported results in the literature are given to validate the presented method, and the reported results show the applicability
and versatility of the proposed method.

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Meshless method;, Pseudospectral method;, Radial basis functions;, Klein–Gordon equation;, sine-Gordon equation;, Runge–Kutta fourth order method;, Multiquadric quasi-interpolation.

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