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  • Computing the eigenvalues of fourth order Sturm-Liouville problems with Lie Group method 
    Hanif Mirzaei 1-12
    Views: 245
    Stability Analysis of Conformable Fractional Systems 
    Hadi Rezazadeh ; Hossein Aminikhah ; Amir Hossein Refahi Sheikhani 13-32
    Views: 286
    A parametric iteration method for solving Lane-Emden type equations 
    Reza Chaharpashlou 33-46
    Views: 185
    The concept of B-efficient solution in fair multiob jective optimization problems 
    Davoud Foroutannia ; Ali Mahmodinejad 47-64
    Views: 160
    Efficient methods for goal square Weber location problem 
    Jafar Fathali ; Ali Jamalian 65-82
    Views: 220
    A Reliable Approach for Terminating the GA Optimization Method 
    Leila Lotfi Katooli ; Akbar Shahsavand 83-106
    Views: 180
    Alternating direction method of multipliers for the extended trust region subproblem 
    Maziar Salahi ; Akram Taati 107-117
    Views: 201