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Issue Information: Vol 7, No 1, (2017), Serial Number: 11

Article Title: The concept of B-efficient solution in fair multiob jective optimization problems

pages: 47-64

DOI: 10.22067/ijnao.v7i1.43960

A problem that sometimes occurs in multiobjective optimization is the existence of a large set of fairly effcient solutions. Hence, the decision making based on selecting a unique preferred solution is diffcult. Considering models with fair B-effciency relieves some of the burden from the decision maker by shrinking the solution set, since the set of fairly B-efficient solutions is contained within the set of fairly effcient solutions for the same problem. In this paper, first some theoretical and practical aspects of fairly B- effcient
solutions are discussed. Then, some scalarization techniques are developed to generate fairly B-effcient solutions.

key words:   Fair optimization; Nondominated; Equitabilit y; B-effciency; Scalarization.


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Reception Date: 31/01/2015 , Accept date: 23/07/2016 , Published Date: 12/03/2017

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